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FAQs About How to Start a Junk Removal Business with Us

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® offers a world-class franchise opportunity with America’s fastest-growing moving and highest-rated junk removal franchise. If you’ve got a question about how to start a junk removal business with us, we’ve got the answers you need!

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College HUNKS has a vision to become the largest employer of professionally trained service providers while providing a launch pad for entrepreneurs to gain experience, get the ball rolling on their own concepts, and power the economy. We’re the trusted professionals offering complete end-to-end services for all of our customers’ needs, with a mission to help make the American dream of owning a business and making a positive impact possible. 

We’re so much more than just junk hauling and moving. With College HUNKS, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, while making a difference in your community!

Franchise Opportunity and Ownership

College HUNKS Hauling Junk® and College HUNKS Moving® are two of the fastest-growing franchises in the US, which can be run independently or together. The businesses are using award-winning branding and proven business systems to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar moving and junk-hauling industries.

No! Your employees do the heavy lifting. Our franchise partners are simply the executive coaches on the sidelines. Your employees will be mostly college students. In our books, HUNKS are defined as Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Service professionals. Our franchise partners are of various ages and backgrounds.

Actually, most of our clients are homeowners and businesses. We do our employee recruiting on college campuses, but the clients are typically upper-middle-class homeowners and/or commercial clients such as property managers, real estate agents, contractors, and storage facility managers.

The initial term of the College HUNKS franchise agreement is 10 years, and is renewable for an additional 10-year term.

A franchise is a license granting you, as the franchisee, access to a franchisor's proprietary business knowledge, products, processes, and trademarks. This allows you to sell products or services under the franchisor's business name. To acquire this right, you (the franchise) will typically pay the franchisor an initial startup fee and annual licensing fees. Initial franchise startup fees can range from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the franchise and industry, while annual licensing fees and royalties can cost between 4% and 13% of the franchise’s annual revenue. Considered a less risky business startup by lenders and a viable way to enter a highly competitive industry, franchises operate based on the franchise agreement they sign with their franchisor.

While many aspiring entrepreneurs wonder if owning a franchise is profitable, the answer to this question is very simple: Yes, owning the right franchise can be very profitable—and there are several benchmarks to use to determine if the franchise you are considering will be profitable. Profitable franchises have:

  • A proven successful business model
  • Best-in-class training
  • Mentorship from a business coach
  • Guidance from experienced franchisees
  • Operations support to boost sales
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Exceptional national brand recognition and marketing

At College HUNKS, we provide you with all this and more when you franchise with us.

Franchise Development

Business ownership, whether you’re buying a franchise or starting a new business, can be rewarding and overwhelming at the same time. When trying to decide whether buying a franchise or starting a new business is better, there’s a lot to think about but in short, buying a franchise business makes more sense because the hard work of establishing the brand, creating a business model that works, etc. has already been done – you take on less risk.

Franchises have proven business plans in place that make it ideal for entrepreneurs who want a structured business model from day one. A franchise company is only as successful as its franchise partners, and for this reason, some franchise businesses, such as College HUNKS, provide business coaching and mentorship opportunities for franchisees. Guiding new partners through the process of opening their doors and landing their first customer can help them get off the ground with confidence.

A few other reasons buying a franchise is better than starting a new company that you should keep in mind include:

  • Franchising gives entrepreneurs access to a network of other like-minded franchise partners and resources that provide knowledge and industry insight.  
  • Securing financing is easier with franchises because they have a higher success rate than independent businesses – as much as 90% compared to a 15% success rate of businesses that start from scratch. Lenders are often more willing to work with you if you are buying a franchise that has a proven track record.
  • Successful franchise brands have already established marketing strategies that work and are ready to help each franchisee put those into action.
  • An established franchise brand has already worked out the kinks with everything related to running the business, including technology and brand identity, to stand out from the competition.

If structure, support, and proven strategies are important to you, then buying a franchise is the better choice.

Running any business comes with its challenges, and operating a franchise is neither easy nor hard. However, there are key factors in operating a franchise that make it easier than operating a traditional business.

The hardest initial task of starting and running any business is developing an infallible plan that is profitable. Franchises make operating a business easier by providing partners with a proven business plan that maps out everything, such as daily operations, marketing, and financial plans. These plans remove the guesswork that sometimes plagues business owners and disrupts their success. The bulk of the administrative work needed for any startup is already completed with a franchise. 

It's also important to mention that getting a franchise business off the ground is easier than getting a new business up and running because obtaining financing is typically easier for franchises. Lenders see franchise businesses as a sure thing because they have a proven business model and numbers to back it up. In day-to-day operations, owning a franchise provides a clear plan of action for the owner, management, and staff to follow and reach revenue goals. Franchising is considered easier than running your own business because it provides access to support and mentorship for smaller day-to-day milestones and larger goals, like scaling your business.

Although franchises are easier in their structure and proven systems, they are not without challenges – and that’s to be expected with any business. Duties such as adequately staffing, managing employees, and ensuring customer satisfaction are direct responsibilities of a franchise business partner. College HUNKS values the individuality our franchisees bring to their business. Our goal is to make franchises an easier choice in business ownership. to discuss what you can expect when operating a franchise.

If you’re looking at starting a business, franchise opportunities come with many benefits that make them an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

Business Coaching, Guidance, and Mentorship

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Joining a franchise, however, gives you access to a wealth of business information in the form of written resources, training sessions, one-on-one business coaching, mentorship by another franchisee, and more. Guidance on how to successfully open and operate your franchise business is invaluable and built-in with franchise opportunities. When you buy a franchise, you have the advantage of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Built-in Brand Recognition

Very few franchises go unknown, as franchisors have already established themselves as long-standing brands with years of repeated local and national advertising, partnerships, and market share. They have identified and learned how and where to target customers who want their product or service. This gives franchise partners instant credibility within their community and eliminates the stress and time needed to develop a logo and brand image normally associated with a start-up.

Higher Success Rate

Due to national brand recognition and a proven business plan, franchises experience a 90% success rate compared to independent business startups, which have a 15% rate of success.

Securing Business Capital is Easier

The proven business model and profitability record of a franchise make securing financing or raising capital easier than it would be for a start-up. Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a College HUNKS franchise partner? We’d love to tell you all about it!

Moving and Junk Hauling Industries

As the leading stress-free junk removal and moving franchisor with over 150 franchise locations nationwide in the US and Canada, at College HUNKS, we have the answer: Yes, the moving business is very profitable–if you do it right. To do it right, you need the right business model that is both recession- and pandemic-resistant, and offers customers a stress-free experience. Your moving business needs to be supported by technology that makes it easy to run your business, and you need marketing support to be sure your local business is noticed.

Nationwide, the junk hauling business is bigger than many people imagine. The Bureau of Labor Statistics places a value of $10B on the junk removal industry, which comprises hauling, removal, and packaging. Your junk removal business can definitely be profitable if you have the right business model and manage it properly. At College HUNKS, we know this because the first College HUNKS location in Washington, DC became a million-dollar business in two years–just based on the strength of junk hauling.

Starting any new business is challenging, and companies in the moving industry are no exception. So, it’s much more important to ask a more results-driven question–Is it hard to start a successful moving company?

The answer is it doesn’t have to be hard to start a successful moving company when you work with a business model that has proven successful in moving and junk hauling for more than a decade. This business model belongs to College HUNKS and its 150+ franchise partners.

As America’s fastest-growing moving and highest-rated junk-hauling franchise, College HUNKS has the answer to that question and the proven business model that works for anyone who wants to start a successful moving company. The minimum cost for starting a moving company under the College HUNKS franchise is $108,700. For this fee, you are handed virtually everything you need to start a successful moving company–rather than trying to go it alone and starting your business from scratch.

It may come as a surprise that the junk hauling business in the US is very substantial and, for those who approach it correctly—quite profitable. The Bureau of Labor Statistics places a value of $10B on the junk removal industry, which comprises hauling, removal, and packaging. The average College HUNKS franchise revenue sales were $1.3M in 2020 for locations in business for at least a year.

The nationwide numbers alone make the case that junk hauling is a good business to be in:

  • Junk removing, hauling, and packaging is a $10B a year industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The average homeowner spends about $150 to $350, or $1.50 per foot to remove junk, with removal costs averaging $70 to $570.
  • The junk removal industry in the US is expected to be as much as an $80.7B market by 2023.

As the national trend of more people moving residences becomes the norm, many see a viable business opportunity in starting a moving company. College HUNKS is ranked within the top 3% of all franchise opportunities in the US. We have such a successful business model that the average revenue for College HUNKS franchise was $1.3M in 2020. Our business model, which offers customers a stress-free moving experience, is both recession- and pandemic-resistant.

Many people who want to be part of America’s $10B junk removal industry wonder how they can start a junk removal business. What they really need to know is how to start a successful junk removal business. At College HUNKS, we know how to beat the junk removal competition because we have done it for ourselves and our 150+ franchise partners, who are all enjoying success in the industry that is part of a growing trend. If you are interested in starting a junk removal business, we would love to tell you about franchising with College HUNKS and why this could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Take a look at the junk removal industry numbers—it’s hard to miss the opportunity for success in the junk removal industry.

  • Junk removing, hauling, and packaging is a $10B a year industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The average homeowner spends about $150 to $350, or $1.50 per square foot, to remove junk, with removal costs averaging $70 to $570.
  • The junk removal industry in the US is expected to be as much as an $80.7B market by 2023.

Our business model, which combines junk removal and moving services, has proven recession- and pandemic-resistant.

The franchise fee is $40,000 for those who wish to operate one concept. The fee is $60,000 for those who wish to operate both.

The royalty rate is 7% of gross sales.

College HUNKS franchise partners pay a 2% Brand Development Fee that supports marketing efforts coordinated at the national level.

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College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving is proud to be America’s fastest-growing moving and highest rated junk hauling franchise. We utilize a smart business model to drive our growth, giving you the opportunity to be an executive in your business. So what are you waiting for?

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